Service Level Agreement

Go Media Service Level Agreement

Go Media extends Amazon’s World Class Service Level Agreement with complete Managed Hosting and System Administration. Go Media’s SLA is provided to all AWS accounts that are in good standings. Your SLA remains in effect for as long as your account remains active. This includes, but is not limited to:

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

Every website we host is added to our uptime monitoring system. It includes automatic alerts in the event of application failure or latency.

Suspicious Activity Monitoring

Website and Email traffic is filtered through an advanced algorithm monitoring for suspicious activity. This service alerts our team of anything flagged as unusual. System administrators are immediately assigned for physical monitoring and tracking until a resolution is made.

PCI Compliance (Advanced eCommerce Plans Only)

Through our partners at Trustwave, the leading online security and risk assessment company, Go Media strives each and every month to maintain PCI DSS Compliance. As everyone is aware, cyber security is a full time job and the threats are constantly evolving. Our team works hard to secure and patch any issues uncovered by Trustwave’s award winning compliance tests. Tests are run quarterly or sooner based on threat levels measured by internet security professionals. To learn more, visit

Disaster Recovery

Daily, Weekly and Monthly automatic backups known as Elastic Block Store Snapshots are generated and moved to another datacenter in another region of the Amazon infrastructure. In the event of catastrophic failure, 100% of your data and files up to the moment of the disaster minus the time since the previous night’s backup will have been copied and secured at another location. Our engineers are trained in rapid deployment of our hosting environments and will resurrect all services in another data center. All infrastrcuture services are designed for high availability.

Automatic & Manual Updates

All software running on our Cloud Instances are constantly evaluated for updates and other improvements. Most updates are performed seamlessly without requiring a notice to our clients. In the event of a scheduled maintenance window where a restart is required, you will be provided a notice to anticipate any downtime. Because you are on a managed service, Go Media takes full responsibility to restore all services to complete operational state as part of maintenance windows. It is rare that any action will ever be needed on your part.

Plesk Control Panel

Most of our LAMP hosting environments come complete with the Plesk Control Panel. Plesk makes it easy for you to manage basic website hosting services such as your Databases, Email, Applications and other personal account settings.


Thanks to our automatic monitoring alerts, we typically know about any downtime before you do. Our system administrators are on call 24/7 to handle any system alerts that may come in. If you ever need personal assistance, you can reach us anytime.

  • Phone: +1 (216) 939-0000 xt400
  • Email:
  • *Emergency: (PCI customers only)

*Only contact the emergency escalation team when your representatives at Go Media cannot be reached outside of US EST business hours. This is a contract service agreement with Your Server Admin of Magdeburg, Germany. Please include “Emergency –” in your message details along with your domain name. This is only available to PCI hosted customers. At this time, Rackspace Cloud customers must wait

Exclusive Dedicated Hosting through Amazon Web Services

Cloud Computing

Go Media offers exclusive, Dedicated hosting to our clients through our privately managed cloud servers with the corporation. Go Media has been developing and hosting websites and internet applications since 1996 and operates servers and Cloud Instances with data centers and in facilities around the world. Go Media has been operating the new Cloud system architecture for more than five years. We run Cloud systems with the two preeminent data centers, Amazon and Rackspace. For more information on Cloud Computing, please visit:

At the time of this Service Level Agreement (SLA), Go Media is solely offering the equivalent of Dedicated servers through Amazon Web Services (AWS). We no longer offer physically co-located Dedicated Servers because Cloud technologies have surpassed Dedicated systems in terms of flexibility, scalability and reliability.

Amazon Service Level Agreement

Go Media’s Exclusive, PCI Compliance AWS1 and AWS2 are completely transparent services provided by Go Media and facilitated by our agreement with Amazon Web Services and the corporation. The hardware, software, facilities, data centers, networks and infrastructures are completely implemented, maintained and managed by the Amazon Web Services engineers and system administrators. Go Media transfers and endorses Amazon’s infrastructure Service Level Agreement of 99.96% uptime of all systems within their control. The primary core of the AWS Cloud computational system are what is known as an Elastic Compute Cloud or EC2. You can read more about the AWS SLA and infrastructure below.

Systems Provided

Go Media primarily operates Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP (LAMP) Cloud Instances on the Amazon EC2. These hosting environments are provided exclusively for our web development clients and are never made available to the public. Go Media has no interest in becoming a commodity hosting company. Our primary goal is to provide the very best hosting to our clients so the websites we develop stay online and perform the best they can. Go Media’s Cloud Services with Amazon include, but are not limited to:

  1. Elastic Compute Cloud –
  2. Virtual Private Cloud –
  3. Elastic Block Store –
  4. Route53 –
  5. RDS –
  6. CloudFront –
  7. S3 –
  8. Identity & Access Management –
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